The stakeFi dashboard will be launching in a few weeks. If you would like a demo or launch access, please use our contact form and we will reach out to you with details.

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01 About Us

stakeFi Network is a B2B marketplace for staking and delegation services

Node validators from a host of different DPOS networks can join the marketplace to offer competitive staking & delegation services to a wide range of B2B partners looking to offer downstream customers curated staking services to enhance their service offerings for a stickier customer experience.

Deploy staking systems for your customers and manage accounts from a single place

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02 Our Ethos

Simplicity & Transparency

Helping to secure Proof of Stake Networks by creating an incentives based platform matching customer demand with best-in-class network validators.

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04 Network Participants

With a ‘plug & play’ approach, businesses & financial institutions alike can begin offering dedicated staking services in real-time; capturing a new revenue stream while creating a stickier customer experience.

Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners

    Fortune 500s & Enterprise Clients
    Digital Asset Custodians
    Settlement networks
    Exchanges & Digital Asset Platforms
    Custodial Technology Providers
    Card-to-Crypto Payment Processors

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